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How the Sky Became Blue

Long, long ago, when mountains were just hills, huge trees were just shrubs, and when seas were still rivers, the sky was also different. It changed colors very often. The citizens of Athens believed that the gods displayed their feelings through the sky. There were many different colors that meant many different things. If the sky was red, they were angry, if it was green, they sensed jealousy among the people. If it was blue, they were serene and content, if it was black, they were very displeased and they might send some sort of sign or messenger to tell them of their folley and send something that was sure to get their attention.

In Athens, there was an old wizened man who all of the citizens respected greatly. It was rumored that he had communication with the gods, which of course was very respectable. He was never disrespected in any way and they all were trying in any way to help him in any way that they could, in hopes that he would give the gods a good report about them. Every day at eight, he posted up what the gods had told him was the reason for the color of the sky. When he got there, all the people crowded around him. He took down the report from the day before and replaced it with the new report.

One day after he had posted the report, a little girl who was about three years of age came and looked at the report curiously. She had never been outside, though she had wanted to. As she had stepped out of her small hut, she had seen the people gathering around the community bulletin and became curious to see. She happily trotted over to where the people were and she saw the old man posting the report and she ran over to meet him. "What are you doing, sir?" she asked. The old man was startled to see her and didn't know quite how to respond. "I'm sorry, sir," the little girl said, her brown eyes becoming bigger and bigger, "I didn't mean to frighten you. I was just wanting to know why you come and post messages up every day. Before today, I watched you go every day and post things on the bulletin, though today was the first day my mother would let me out of the house to go see what you were doing." The old man relaxed a bit, seeing how innocent the little girl really was. "Do you mean you don't know who I am and what my role is in the community?" he asked. "No, sir. What is your role?" The old man's heart beagan to soften toward this little girl and he talked with her for quite a long time. "I am a messenger from the gods, little one. I post up the messages that they tell me every morning for all the people to see. It has to do with the sky's color, you see. Today, for example it is very dark, black, and gloomy." The little girl noticed it for the first time that day how she felt despondent looking at the sky. "When it it is a pitch black color like today, it means that the gods sens darkness and unkindness among the people." Upon hearing this, the little girl began to think to herself, 'I will set out to see where there is darkness and unkindness among the people.' After she thought that, she told the old man of her mission to help the community and make the gods feel more pleasant toward their village.

She ran home, packed some food in the knapsack, and set off through the village to find the darkness and unkindness. She first went to the baker's shop and saw the village's baker baking away happily and a happy customer leaving with a brown bundle of loaves of bread, fresh out of the oven. 'None there,' she thought.

Next, she went to the bookstore only to see a gathering of all the elders happily drinking tea and eating muffins and quiches, discussing how thye could do something about the god's judgment. 'None there,' she thought.

By now her legs were tired and as she made her way home, she thought of how she should just give up and not try to solve it anymore. And yet, on her way home, she heard a young couple that were down the block from her hut arguing. 'Okay, so maybe it's here.' she thought. As she peered into the window, she heard them arguing about how they never spend enough time with each other and how the husband was always working and how he never took time to do things with her and her son.

That night as she was falling asleep, she thought of a solution to help the young couple and restore happiness and peace to the community. All of a sudden, she hand an idea. Feeling satisfied with herself, she fell asleep and became anxious to put her plan into action.

Right after she got up, she ran to the house of the young couple, swerving her way through the streets, which were geginning to fill up with the villageers as they began their morning duties. Exhausted from running, she slowed her pace down to a slow walk as she completed the short distance. Sure enough, they were arguing again. After seeing the mourning in the streets from the day before, the wife realized that they were the cause of anger and disappointment from the gods. That only caused more unpleasant comments and remarks. They both blamed the other saying that it was their fault that the gods were angry at their village. The little girl became tired of listening to them argue, for it made her feel bitter and unpleasant. Making sure that her plan would work, she began to put it into action. She bought some flowers from the florist and placed them carefully on the table when the wife was sleeping, being careful not to wake her.

When the wife woke up, she ran to her husband's work and showered him with compliments and praises of how he had really changed and that she forgave him of not being home all the time. Her husband was flattered with the compliments, though was confused. He hadn't put the flowers there. He hadn't really done anything to deserve her forgiveness. There was a small cough from under the worktable and they both peered under. There, before there eyes, was a little girl, no older than their son. Seeing their confusion, the youngster explained to them what she had done to try to make peace between them. Both of them were touched by this girl's actions and were humiliated that they hadn't made peace on their own.

When the gods saw this, they were also touched by the kindness of a little girl and the next day the sky returned to the color blue. All the villagers were amazed at the bulletin the next day and they were even more amazed at what the little girl had done for them.

And so, the sky remains blue to this day, but who knows? It could change colors again.