Susanne's Book Blaster

A story by Sarah Ann

Updated on Augest, 20th, 2005

"I have an astounding idea" Susanne announced to her family one night at supper.

"Well," her father asked her,"What is it?" "I'm going to establish a Book Blaster!" Susanne answered.

"What in the world is a Book Blaster?" questioned her mother.

" Is it where you take books and blast them?"

"Of course not!" Yasmine, Susanne's twin sister replied, "It's kind of like a book fair, but 10 times the size of one."

" Twelve times bigger, Yasmine." Susanne corrected her sister.

"Sorry," Yasmine frowned.

Her mother had but one inquiry.

"Where will you get the books for your Book Blaster?"

"Simple." Susanne replied," Well we can borrow some books from the library and find an online company which has those books and order them if anyone wants them.

You could tell her father was pondering about something. " What are you meditating about,Dad?"

" Well, three things."

"What are they?"

"The first thing is, what books will we put this big Book Blaster? Secondly, where will we get the money to buy the books? Thirdly, who are we going to invite? "

You could tell that Susanne was thinking.

Finally, she answered.

" Of course we have to appropiate books for children. About the money, we will have to buy the books ourselves, but we'll charge the same amount of money that we paid for the books plus a little more."she added quickly.

After dinner, everyone went to bed.

The very next morning, Susanne was the first to wake up.

Immediately, she raced downstairs and made the list of people she wanted to invite.

" Let's see," she said to herself. " Gabrielle, Faith, Lizabeth, Vivian, Emily, and Jill."

Her father came down about five minutes after Susanne finished her list of friends to invite to her Book Blaster.

"Good morning, Susanne," he greeted her.

"Hi, dad!!" Susanne responded.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"I slept wonderfully. And I dreamed about my Book Blaster!"

"Really?" asked Yasmine,coming down the stairs.

"Yasmine!" Mr.Pamoso scolded gently, " Quit eavesdropping on people's conversations!"

"Sorry"Yasmine apologized," It just sounded interesting that Susanne, here, dreamed about an event that is almost impossible!"

"It isn't impossible, Yasmine!!" Susanne cried with tears coming to her eyes. I'll do it! You'll see!"

And she ran to her room.

Susanne finally came down all red-eyed from crying.

" Do you feel better?" asked her mother.

" I guessed that I got my hopes up really high, didn't I"

" No, Susanne. Yasmine is just jelous. If you need help, I'll help you." offered her mother.

" Where is Yasmine?" Susanne asked, wiping away a tear.

" Your father sent her to her room for one hour." her mother answered.

"What do you want to do about the Book Blaster? " her mother wanted to know.

"I don't know" Susanne replied. " To be honest, it probably is impossible.

Susanne started crying, and ran to her room,again.

Next, her father came in after about fifteen minutes.

She was spread out on her bed with her long, ebony hair spread all over and her head in her arms.

"Susanne?" he asked.

She lifted her head.

"Did you talk to your mother?" "he asked.

"Yes" Susanne sobbed.

" I talked to Yasmine," continued her father

" She's very sorry about hurting your feelings." Mr.Pamoso paused.

"I'll help you with your Book Blaster."

" Thanks, dad." Susanne thanked him.

" Susanne," Yasmine said quietly as she walked in,"I'm really sorry about your feelings." Yasmine apologized.

"Well," Susanne started, but Yasmine stopped her."Because I hurt your feelings, I want to be your first customer."

"Thanks, Yasmine" Susanne answered with gratitude.

" Excuse me," Susanne pardoned herself.

"Susa.." Mr.Pamoso started.

" Hello, Susanne," her mother greeted her as she walked into the kitchen.

"What are you cooking mom?" Susanne inquired.

" Meatballs,spaghetti, and parmasan breadsticks."

"Yipeee!!!!" Susanne cheered

"A special treat for you!" her mother said encouragingly.

"Thanks mom!" Susanne answered with graditude.

A few days later, all the books that Susanne wanted were checked out of the library.

After that, Susanne made her invatations.

" Let's see," she said to herself,"If I want to invite Faith, Lizabeth, Vivian and Jill" she continued," That would be,hmmmmmm...... five invitations!!" Susanne exclaimed.

"Mom!!" she called as Mrs.Pamoso walked into the room.

" Do you need something? " Mrs.Pamoso asked,

"Yeah,mom", Susanne replied, " Do you think that I should write the invitations to my friends and put that their friends whole family can come or write it to their whole family??"

"Well, if I were you, I would address it to their whole family." her mother finished.

"Okay!" Susanne replied cheerfully.

And that's what she did.

After she wrote the invitation, Susanne ran to get the phone and grabbed a peice of paper and a pen.

With those items, Susanne called her friends to find out what thier addresses were so she could send their invitation.

First, she called the Marscons, Faith's family.

"Hi, Mrs.Marscons,this is Susanne Pamoso." she greeted her.

"Hi, Susanne!" Mrs. Marscons replied.

"May I please talk to Faith?"

Susanne asked. " Of course!" she replied.

" Thank you" Susanne replied thankfully.

" Hello?" Faith asked,"

Hi Faith. This is Susanne from school."

"Oh, hi Susanne" Faith responded

"What is your address?"Susanne asked?

"6024 Malcony Drive Lubbock Texas 25609 " Faith replied.

" Thank you,Faith" Susanne thanked her.

After that, she hung up.

Next, she called Vivian Marksa.

" Hi, Mellissa! May I please speak to Vivian" Susanne asked.

Mellissa was Vivian's older sister.

" I'm sorry, she's not available right now. She's shopping with Mom."

Mellissa informed her.

"Well, I just need to know your address." Susanne informed her.

" Why do you need it?" Mellissa inquired.

"Never mind that. You'll find out later.What is it?" Susanne said starting to get impatient.

"Okay, okay. It's 56290 Malarra Drive Lubbock,Texas 25609," replied Mellissa.

"Thank you, Mellissa."Susanne responded, then hung up the phone.

Next, she called Lizabeth.

"Hello,this is the Marlaca's residence" a voice told her.

"Hello! Is this Lizabeth?" she asked

" Yes it is." Lizabeth replied. "Who is this?"

" Oh, sorry Lizabeth this Susanne Pamoso."

" Hi Susanne! What's up?" Lizabeth replied.

" I was wanting to ask what your address is." Susanne told her."

Sure! It's 65320 Merryman Street Lubbock Texas 23609." replied Lizabeth.

"Thank you, Lizabeth! Bye-Bye!!" she said hanging up the phone.

After a little while she called everybody.

Next she addressed the envolopes.

Susanne told her mom she was going to mail her letters. So off she went with a small sack

to carry her invitations.

Soon, Susanne had five replies.

More astonishingly, all of them were yes!

Finally, the big day came. All of the books were on display.

Susanne ran to the door when Lizabeth wrang the doorbell.

"Don't run in the house!" her mother reminded her,but Susanne ignored her.

" Hi,Liz!!" Susanne greeted her.

Soon everybody was there and reading books or walking around and looking at book.

"This was an awsome idea!"Faith told Mrs.Pamoso.

"Why don't you tell that to Susanne." Mrs.Pamoso suggested. "After all, it was her idea."

"It was such a good idea, I thought you or Mr.Pamoso thought of it."

After about two hours,everyone started leaving.

" I'm glad we made over $100!" Susanne exlaimed.

"What will you do with all of the money?" her mother asked.

"Hmmmmmm....." Susanne thought.

Suddenly, a lightbulb came on.

" I'll give it to the homeless people on the side of the road when we pass them!"

" Good idea!" her mother encouragingly told her.

Susanne helped many people with her generous gift.