The Attack of the Fuzzies

A story by Sarah Ann

Squish! Squish! Squish!"Oh, no!" Shyera cried. She raced to the palace. "Sir! Sir!" she yelled breathlessly. " The Fuzzies from the north are attacking!" "The fooseballs are quacking???" The king said in a state of disbelief. By the way, fooseballs are the martian's pets. Kind of like our modern-day dogs. "No!!" Shyera articulated again. " Tell me again Shyera, and this time, let's try to work on our pronounciation." " The Fuzzies of the North are attaking!" she yelled. "Honest! I heard the squish myself!" "Let's listen, Shyera." the king told her. They listened for about a minute. "Well, I don't hear anything, Shyera." Shyera lowered her head. I try to help save the kindom and the whole planet of Mars, and I'm not believed!!! Shyera thought to herself. "But sir, I really heard it!!" " Shyera", he sighed. "I've been over this with you before. I don't believe it if I can't hear or see it for myself." he said starting to raise his voice. " I know." Shyera sighed. She had heard this lecture millions of times before. A few days later, in the middle of the night,Squish! Squish! "Shyera was right!" the king exclaimed to himself as the footsteps drew nearer and nearer. Fortunately, he had a morse code box. He sent a morse code to Shyera telling her to go to Susanne Pamoso's house in Cawdwell, Idaho. After about 10 seconds later she sent a morse code back to him saying that she would go right away. The king sent one more message saying to get a potion labeled "Unknown" from Susanne's dad,Mitch Pamoso, who was also a scientist. He also said that Mr. Pamoso didn't know what it could do, but he knew it was special. Just pour exactly five drops of it into a glass of water for them, and they should fall to the floor. Then pour three more drops on them, and they will be swept away by the wind. Goodbye, Shyera. She went to earth and to Susanne's house. "Is she the one?" Shyera asked herself while looking into Susanne's bedroom window. I got this plot for the story The Mysteries of Harris Burdict By: Chris Van Alsburg.