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Happy Summer! I'll have more once school starts!!!

February 08-March 08

We're starting another unit on energy


EnergyThe ability to cause a change in matterChemical, Electrical, Radiant, Mechanical, and Thermal Energy
Chemical EnergyEnergy stored in matter because of the matter's chemical make-upYour digestive system digesting food.
Electrical EnergyEnergy caused by charged matterA plug outlet
Radiant Energy Energy carried by electromagnetic radiationThe sun
Mechanical EnergyEnergy of matter because of it's motion or positionMoving a can from the ground to the table.
Thermal EnergyEnergy caused by or related to heat and temperature in matterThe sun and a microwave oven

Here are some questions to quiz yourself on how well you know energy:

December 07-January 08

Recently, in science, we've been learning about genetics, DNA, and cells.


The Cell theory

Many scientists including Hooke, Schleiden, Leeuwenhoek, and Schwann helped develop the cell theory that states:

  1. All living things are made of cells.
  2. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function.
  3. Cells are produced from other cells.