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These are chat words from the series: From the Files of Madison Finn Need chat words, anyone?

And o and o=And on and on
ASAP=As soon as possible
ATT= All the time
AU=As usual
BBN=Bye bye now
BCNU=Be seeing you
BFN=Bye for now
BIFF=Best internet friend forever
Blahblahblah=Same old story
BRB= Be right back
BSTS=Better safe than sorry
BTDT=Been there, done that
BTW=By the way…
CSL=Can’t stop laughing
CTS=Change the subject
CUL8R=See you later
DBEYH= Don’t believe everything you hear
DGT=Don’t go there
DLYTM=Don’t lie to me
DTRT=Do the right thing
Dunno=I don’t know
DW=Don’t worry
E2EG=Ear to ear grin
EMSG=E-mail message
EOTW=End of the world
F2F=Face to face
FC=Fingers crossed
FCF=Friends come first
Fotos= Photographs
FTBOMBH=From the bottom of my broken heart
FYA=For your amusement
G2R=Got to run
GGN=Gotta go now
GIWIST=Gee, I wish I said that
GL=Good luck
GLC=Good luck charm
GMTA=Great minds think alike
GTG=Got to go
GTSY=Glad to see you
HAGO=Have a good time
HB=Hurry back
HHOK=Ha ha only kidding
HIG=How’s it going?
HTH=Hope this helps
IDGI=I don’t get it
IGI=I get it
IKIK=I know, I know
ILY=I love you
IMS=I’m sorry
INYH=I need your help
IYD=I need your help
IYSS=If you say so
J/J=Just joking
J/K=Just kidding
JSS=Just so sorry
JSS2=Just so sorry too
K-I-T=Keep in touch
K4E= Keypals forever
Keypals=E-mail pals
LMK= Let me know
LOL= Laugh out loud
LTNE= Long time no e-mail
LY4E=Love you forever
LYL=Love you lots
LYLAS=Love ya like a sister
M(_)M=My apologies
ML=More later
MWBRL=More will be revealed later
N e way=Anyway…
N2M=Not too much
NBD=No big deal
NP=No problem
OMG=Oh my gosh/goodness
OOTB=Out of the blue
OOTB=Out of the blue
PAW=Parents are watching
QW=Quit worrying
RN=Right now
RN!=Right now!
SoooS=Sooo sweet
SW?=So what?
SWDYT=So what do you think?
SYS=See you soon
TAH=Take a hike
TAL=Thanks a lot
TAW=Teachers are watching
TGFT=Thank goodness for that
TLC=Tender loving care
TLGO=The list goes on
TM=Trust me
TMA=Take my advise
TOOC=Totally out of control
TOY=Thinking of you
TTFN=Ta ta for now
TYOL=Time of your life
T^=Thumbs up
UR2N2ME=You’re too nice to me
V.G.=Very good
VF=Very Funny
VVF=Very, very funny
VVS=Very, very soon
WAM=Wait a minute
WB=Write back
WBS=Write back soon
WCA=Who cares anyway
WDYS?=What did you way?
WHA=What happened?
What’s gnu?= What’s new?
WML=Wish me luck
WTP?=What’s the point?
WWBY=Wouldn’t wanna be you
YBS=You’ll be sorry
YR=Yeah, right
YTTT=You’re telling the truth
YW=You’re welcome
YYSW=Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever