Clean Jokes for Kids

These are some of my FAVORITE clean jokes for kids

Answers at the bottom of the page


  1. What do fish in the bleachers cheer?

    Go Fish!!

  2. Who is Snow White's brother?

    Egg White, get the yolk?

  3. Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney?

    Because it "soots" him

  4. How did minnie Mouse save Mickey from drowning?

    She gave him mouse-to-mouse resuscitation

  5. Why did the nurse go to art school?

    She said she needed to know how to draw blood.

  6. What do you call a light with no eye?


  7. What did the boy who swallowed a sheep say?


  8. What did the grizzly say when she saw her son throwing a tantrum?

    Why is he being so un-bear-able?

  9. What do you call an elephant in bed?

    A heavy sleeper!

2-part jokes

  1. MOTHER:Jay, don't be selfish. let your brother have the sled half the time! JAY:I do,Mom.I have it going downhill and he has it going up.
Knock-Knock Jokes
  1. #1 Knock Knock. #2 Who's there? #1 Distressing. #2 Distressing who? #1 Distressing has too much vinegar!
  2. #1 Knock Knock #2 Who's there? #1 Distress #2 Distress who? #1 Distress is too short!
  3. #1 Knock Knock #2 Who's there? #1 Plain #2 Plain who?#1 Plain in the street in dangerous!
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