Using what people call the "Magic Words", is very nice to use when you talk to
other people. Especially when talking to older people. Some of the words are:
please,thank you, sorry, excuse me, can I help. Although these words don't mean
alot to us kids, they mean alot to adults.


Making a good first impression is one of the most important things in a relationship
between you and another kid/kids and adults,too. A great way to give a wonderful
first impression is to hold your head high, look into the person's eyes that you
are talking to, talk in a strong, clear voice, stand strait and tall, with your
shoulders back. You also should be dressed appropiately.


When greeting others a very polite way to do it is to say hello to the person,
shake thier hand, give them eye contact, stand up strait and tall, and lat, but
not least, remember to say thier name. An example is," Hello Mrs. Crawdad."
This is also an important step to good first impressions.


When you introduce people, always address the older person first. Also, you should
introduce women first, before men. Another tip to introducing people, is to introduce
them by the name that they would call each other.


Calling adults/kids with title names make them feel special that you bothered to
use a title name for for them. Here are some tips on how to call them by thier
appropriate title name. Mr. for a man who is not married, Mrs. is for a woman who
is married, Ms. is used for a woman who is married or can be unmarried, and Miss
is used for a girl or unmarried woman.


When there is someone that you don't know, go over to them and BREAK THE ICE.
That means that you go over to them and you just start asking questions about them.
When you start talking, make sure that you let the other person talk as much as
they want to. Also, don't talk about all of YOUR hobbies,YOUR pets,YOUR favorite
foods, and all of the things that YOU want to talk about.Instead, let them talk about what
they want to talk about. Listen to them while they talk. Definately, do not stare into space
and pretend that you aren't listening. Even though you don't mean it that way, it
will look like it if you don't listen by looking at them, and really process it through
your heart and really thinking about it, even if what they are talking about are very boring.
If this happens, you can try and change the subject or make a polite excuse such as, "Excuse me,
Suzie, I want to go buy a milk. I'll be right back." But DON'T walk off without saying anything.
Definately do not comment like," Suzie, I'm getting bored talking about what you did yesterday
after school." If you don't want to be one of those kids