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My tips on Strangers

All strangers aren't bad. Some are good, but don't think that all are good. Some are out there to hurt your body, or even go as far as kidnapping you. I don't want you to go around being scared if there's someone you don't know, because there are millions of people in this world and you only know a few, so don't freak out when you go to the grocery store and you see a person you have no idea who they are. If you see a person who makes you uncomfortable, or that tries to do something to you, here are a few tips on how to handle that situation.

  1. Stay away from strangers that look dangerous to you.
  2. Have a family code word that you can ask a stranger if they tell you to go with them.
  3. Your body actions tell a stranger if you're an easy target to hit, or if you'll try to defend yourself. If you look lonely or left out, they'll try to become your friend and try to hurt you.
  4. Use the buddy system and always have someone else with you because a stranger will know that if they try to hurt you, then the other one will turn against them.
  5. If you're home alone, never let anyone know you're there alone or open the door to a stranger if your parents are not available to be there with you.
  6. Never take shortcuts, especially ones that are dark and deserted because people will hang out there and think they'll be able to catch you since people don't go there, so no one will be there to help you.
  7. Be cautious and observant. If you notice someone looking at you who you don't know or you're not comfortable with, then go to a big group of people. The stranger probably won't go through a whole crowd to get to you, having to defend themselves against a larger group.
  8. Know the five strikes:
    *Head butt- if someone grabs hold of you, throw your head back. It doesn't take much to break someone's nose, and they'll go to the aid of their nose instead of holding on to you. *Eye attack- if someone grabs hold of you, then put your thumbs into their eyes, and they will also go to the aid of their eye instead of holding on to you. *Foot stomp- if someone grabs hold of you, then stomp on their foot really hard and it could break their bone, and again, they will go to the aid of their foot, and not hold onto you. *Biting- if someone grabs hold of you, bite them! *Groin Strike- if someone grabs hold of you, then hit or elbow their stomach, and they'll probably double over and let go of you.

    Remember, after the stranger releases you, then run! If you do something to hurt them, then they'll have to take care of that, then run after you, so you get the head start!

  9. Protect your personal space. If someone comes too close, then back away! This will also provent them from grabbing hold of you.
  10. Say NO! if someone tries to give you something or ask you to do something, then go tell an adult you trust immediately
  11. Avoid kidnapper traps such as "I've lost my dog. Can you help me find him?" "If you tell anyone about what we talked about, I'll smash your head." "My gameboy just ran out of batteries. Can you help me put some more in? I don't know how." "Little boy, I'll pay you ten dollars if you carry my groceries to the car"

    If you are tempted to do one of these things, then remember when you're with someone you or your family doesn't know, and they ask you to do something, say, "NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" If that doesn't work and they grab you, scream and try to draw attention to yourself and scream "HE'S NOT MY DAD!" or "SHE'S NOT MY MOM!" If you don't yell that, then people will just assume that they're your parents and you're just throwing a fit.

  12. If someone touches you in a way you don't feel comftorable, then go tell an adult.
  13. Most important of all, trust your feelings. If you don't feel one 100% that you trust them, then don't push it!

If you have any more suggestions, e-mail us and we'll add 'em on!